Our Story

Avo in Ebirra dialect means ‘thanks’, Eri means ‘yesterday’. When you combine the two words, it means thanks for yesterday.

Whom are we giving thanks to? Our thanks is first to God and secondly to our friends. Why are we giving thanks? We have a son who was born with SS genotype in 2010. He suffered from various crises and uncontrolled pain. On one episode of his crises, in April 2016, my wife and I had not slept well for seven days straight. As usual, we always prayed that God send us a solution to the unending suffering. At six, he was such a brilliant chap, full of wisdom even at that tender age.

I remember in 2015 when I had an eye problem, my son was the first person to notice the change in my eye colour. His concern for others still amazes me.

One day, I was on my laptop searching for any cure to sickle cell disease. I came across a foundation called Cure2Children Foundation. Immediately, I sent a mail to the contact person, it read: Please I need help, my six-year-old son is suffering from sickle cell disease and in two hours they replied: We are ready to help.

We kept exchanging mails, and in December 2016, my son, my wife, and I left for India. My son was to undergo a bone marrow transplant in India. It was a complete success. We returned back to Nigeria in June 2017 with a healthy AS genotype boy. This marked the birth of Avo Eri Health Foundation. Today my son has been liberated from the scorch of sickle cell disease.

While in India, we met several foundations catering for the various needs of humanity. On several occasions, we came across different healthcare facilities sponsored by foundations. One of such foundations is Sankalp India Foundation that is into thalassemia Free India struggle. Currently, Sankalp India Foundation in collaboration with other foundations, hospitals and organisations has 5 transplant centres and functional 28 Day Care centres for thalassemia inflicted children with hundreds of successful bone marrow transplants for both the poor and the rich. The magnanimity of Sankalp and Cure2Children Foundations is part of our strength and encouragement to start this foundation in Nigeria.

Permit me to mention here that the effectiveness of the foundations in India other parts of the world is basically due to societal orientation. I believe we can do even more with the level of our exposure and the calibre of personalities that have volunteered to run the affair of this noble course.

Our aim is to gradually revolutionise the healthcare system in Nigeria through introduction of integrity into the systems.

Of course our primary aim is to pull down the walls of pain and misery experienced by the patients and their families of sicklers without asking who caused it. More so, we have realised that the gap between the rich and the poor can be bridged with provisions of access and monitor.

We have well to do individuals with opened hands to help the very poor but some are afraid of fraudsters and cheaters which dominate the system. It is on this premise that we have developed a working system that allows every donor an access into our activities including the financial activities.

We have come to make a change, a change that will last and outlive us. Avo Eri Health Foundation is a multinational, multi-ethnic, and multi-religious foundation.

We are open for partnerships, consultation, assistance and donations from legitimate individuals, organisations, foundations, and societies from provision of qualitative and affordable healthcare to humanity.

To achieve the above mission, we are collaborating with foundations, hospitals, laboratories, individuals and organisation, both local and international to meet the health need of our patients.

We have opened a day-care centre at 5th Avenue, Y Close, Festac Town, Lagos, to prepare eligible children for bone marrow transplant for sicklers and others in need of quantitative and affordable healthcare, both local and international.

One of the best laboratories (El-Lab Diagnostics Centre Festac) in Lagos has offered us 50% discount for investigations for all our children with sickle cell disease. Hospitals  have started keying in locally.

We have equally entered into agreement with Sankalp India Foundation (Bangalore), Cure2Children Foundation (Italy), and Ghana BMT International (Accra) for bone marrow transplant and continuous management of patients as consultants and advisors.

We have equally entered into agreement with Fortis Hospitals in Bangalore in areas of other patients’ management abroad.

All our activities are geared towards providing qualitative and affordable medical care to all in a compassionate manner.