BLOOD DONATION DRIVE for December, 2020

The AvoEri Health Foundation was at it again as they collaborated with the Lagos State Blood Transfusion Service to organize the third and final Blood Donation Drive for the year 2020. This took place on the 17th of December, 2020 at the Foundation’s head office at 15 Payne crescent, Apapa, Lagos state. The December edition of the blood donation drive […]


Statistics There are currently thirty (30) Warriors (Sickle Cell Disorder Patients) in the family. Achievements Completed: Free medical consultation to all Warriors throughout the year. Free HLA TYPING in collaboration with Cure2Children Foundation and Sankalp Indian Foundations. Blood Donation Drive: March, July, and December. Blood donated to the Lagos State Blood Transfusion Services. Attended a Conference on blood donation organized […]


Blood transfusion is a medical procedure in which donated blood is provided to a patient through a narrow tube placed within a vein in your arm. Reasons for transfusions Blood transfusion is necessary for several reasons including: Sickle cell crisis. During abnormal and after delivery. For Thalassemic patients. For Neonatal jaundice – Exchange Blood Transfusion. For Leukemia and other cancer […]