blood donation


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Reasons for transfusions
Blood transfusion is necessary for several reasons including:

  • Sickle cell crisis.
  • During abnormal and after delivery.
  • For Thalassemic patients.
  • For Neonatal jaundice – Exchange Blood Transfusion.
  • For Leukemia and other cancer patients.

Blood is life, but it’s not always readily available to patients in need of it. There is no artificial blood and as such, the blood used during blood transfusion is those that have been acquired through blood donation. Blood donation involves the drawing of blood from a person who has volunteered. This blood is stored in a blood bank and is used when the need arises.

Avo Eri Health Foundation organized a BLOOD DONATION DRIVE program which was held on the 18th of August 2020 at Apapa, Lagos State. The program was a great success as the donors came from within and outside the local government area to “give a gift of life” by donating blood. Tests were conducted on the donors to ensure they were fit to donate blood and had the opportunity to do some medical checkups.

The program is held quarterly and is usually organized in collaboration with Lagos State Blood Transfusion Services (LSBTS). The Foundation looks forward to the next one by December 2020.