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Nigeria has a population of about 200 million. According to World Health Organization (WHO) 1% (2 million) of the Nigerian population has sickle cell disease (SCD). That is to say that over 10 million Nigerians are facing this debilitating illness. Unfortunately, the society where we find ourselves is quick to ask whose fault with little or no attention to the problem. Avo Eri Health Foundation has come to put smiles on the faces of patients and their families.

In the past, it was a story that there is total cure for SCD, but today, we can confidently announce that SCD is curable especially in children below the age of 12 years. For the older ones, it is not hopeless, just in February 2018, a 16-year- old boy had a successful bone marrow transplant at Sankalp Foundation Bone Marrow Transplant Centre in Peoples Tree Hospital, Bangalore, India.

More so, with proper management and specific patient centred care, patient will lead a normal Healthy lifestyle.

We are determined to assist patients and their families to access quality health care and therefore reduce the mortality and morbidity associated with this illness.  Avo Eri Health Foundation is currently collaborating with some local and international foundations, hospitals, and laboratories to cut down the cost of accessing quality health in both local and international health facilities. Some of the foundations include; Cure2Children Foundation, BMT Ghana International, and Sankalp Indian Foundation.

We have started preparing our first set of children for bone marrow transplant. The HLA compatibility test is currently done free by DKMS Germany. The long stay outside Nigeria for preparations towards transplant will now be shortened as we now work with the transplant centres directly from Nigeria.

I believe is new dawn for Nigerians living with sickle cell disease. Another good news is that instead of going down to India for transplant, a centre is being proposed for Sub-Sahara Africa to be located in Accra, Ghana. This centre is expected to be operational before the end of 2018.

Avo Eri Health Foundation is ready to collaborate with individuals or groups or organization(s) that are interested in caring for humanity, in areas of sponsorship, donation and expect advices. Because of the slow development of healthcare facilities in Nigeria, Avo Eri Health Foundation is ready to collaborate with individual, groups, and organisations who wish to contribute to healthcare in Nigeria by way of setting up healthcare facilities.

We shall participate in the areas of facilities management, experienced expertise contributions, as well as its proper setup and management.
Meanwhile, before the realisation of the above mentioned, any eligible patients who wish to access quality and affordable healthcare outside Nigerian should be free to contact us for assistance.

We are equally working on creating access for eligible healthcare professionals to gain extra training overseas. On the whole, our goal is to make quality and affordable healthcare available to our people irrespective of class or social status.



To make quality healthcare available to people at affordable rate.


To collaborate with individuals, organisations, foundations, and healthcare institutions, both local and international to bring quality and affordable healthcare to larger population of people.


To become owners or part owners (in collaboration with individuals, organisations, foundations, and healthcare institutions) of world-class facilities that provides quality and affordable healthcare to all.